Congratulations on your engagement, now the fun really begins!

Shopping for your wedding dress should be an exciting time but we know it can cause some brides real anxiety. We’ve put together our top tips to help make the experience an enjoyable one!

1.  Research and book an appointment – before you go dress shopping research some of the bridal boutiques in your area. Think about their price range, the designers they stock, whether they charge for appointments and maybe take a look at some of their customer reviews before you go. Although it’s not always necessary to book, you may find that some boutiques only allow one bride in at a time. Book in advance so you are guaranteed the chance to try on dresses, if for any reason you are going to be late or you’re unable to make the appointment do let the boutique know as early as possible

2.  Consider who to bring – this is an important decision as you’ll want to invite people whose opinions you trust the most. Bring people who know your style and who’ll be willing to offer an opinion without being pushy. Too many opinions can cause confusion and leave you feeling overwhelmed. If you do have a large ‘Bride Tribe’ you could decide to invite them along to a fitting once you’ve made your final choice.

3.  What to wear and bring – if you’ve booked your appointment in advance then it may be worth wearing underwear you feel comfortable in (everyone apologises for their underwear!) and a strapless bra. Refrain from wearing fake tan or too much make up – this is in order to protect the dresses, particularly in an ‘off the peg’ boutique. If you’ve got an idea on shoes or heel height then bringing your own along may also be a good idea.

4.  Try on lots of dresses – what have you got to lose? Dresses come alive on a person compared to a hanger. Many brides come with one idea in mind but leave with something they hadn’t considered. We recommend trying a variety of silhouettes, fabrics, necklines etc. and remember to talk to the bridal consultant about you venue and style of wedding. They’ll then be able to make recommendations and ensure that your dress doesn’t inhibit your ability to enjoy the day.

5.  Finding the one – so many people say you know when you’ve found the one; I think it’s true! For some that might be after trying 3 dresses whilst for others it could take more. If you can imagine walking down the aisle towards your partner in that dress and feeling so beautiful (not wanting to take it off is another good sign) then you’ve found it!

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