How do we (suppliers) know what our ROI is going to be?

As an example, you may be a photographer who charges on average £2000 a booking. Your £199 listing generates 5 bookings thus your initial investment is 2%. You may be a venue and your typical hire rate is £7,500 (basic hire); you generate 4 bookings thus your initial investment is less than 1%.

We cannot foresee how much we can increase your turnover but we can assure you that by working with us we will work our hardest to put YOU in front of the right couples. We use wedding data to see who is marrying where, what they are spending, what are wedding trends so your assigned Brand Director can help you tailor your offer to get it a) seen and b) being used.

It is imperative that for us to market your offer (whatever it maybe) you use great photography and the offer is exclusive to us, you will then know if someone has seen your offer on our site but decided to contact you directly.

What marketing and media coverage will there be for UWO to get our names in front of brides?

Our Director is the Editor of the of the UK’s top 5 wedding magazines so already has a reach in excess of 300K couples per month. We will use all forms of media to get your offers seen. We use social media, digital marketing and will be attending some of the biggest wedding shows. Your offer will be marketed not only by your Brand Director on a local level but also by our central team on a national level.

What does the blog element of the VIP package consist of?

We know from experience that couples like to read informative and inspirational content. Blogs should never be sales orientated but used as an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise. We invite you to become a UWO Blog Expert and these will be shared across social media and wedding forums, driving readers to your articles and your offers.

You are also invited (at no extra cost) to run competitions and we will data capture all entrants for additional marketing for you (but remember with the change of GDPR they will be opting in to hear from you).

How do I know it's going to be value for money?

We are giving you a whole year of wedding marketing for just £199. Most PR companies will charge between £500-£1200 per month to get your name ‘out there’. You need to be seen by couples that are actively looking to book, that is what we do, we put YOU in front of them.

What is the added value of UWO?

We are an established brand, we have recognised a gap in the market for savvy couples. In addition to unlimited listings, you are invited to blog, run competitions etc. We are an additional part of your marketing team. You will be working with a Brand Director who lives where you do, who knows and understands your couples and can work with you to ensure that your partnership with us is a fruitful one.

What is UWO's social media reach?

UWO launched 1st January and has a reach of 20,000 which is growing daily. Our Editor has a reach of 120,000 plus actively promotes brands on forums which have 165,000 couples.

What makes UWO different in an industry where suppliers are getting asked to advertise in different publications and websites on a daily basis?

We are the UK’s ONLY wedding site dedicated to wedding offers. You can fill those mid-week dates, product sales, deals, cancellations all in one place and we take NO commission so regardless of how many you sell, the profit is all yours!

Most directories/publications will take your advertising spend and then do nothing. We take your offers and actively promote you to couples looking for you. We work as a marketing team to showcase your business and get those diaries full.

Whilst your competitors are busy trying to manage their businesses and promote themselves, we do that for you, leaving you to focus on what you do best – running your business.